Commercial Audio/Video Service

In a commercial setting where there are multiple displays, distributed video is a must! Whether you want different sources on each television or one source on all of your displays, distributed video can do it all. Today's commercial settings often features many televisions throughout, but only display about a half dozen of sources and still paying for boxes on each display. With distributed video in a commercial setting, you can save monthly fees while not sacrificing performance or playback quality. With distributed video, performance, features and ease of use are increased. Additionally, a distributed video system will allow other types of video to be routed to each television. This could include HD sources such as a Blu-ray player or a computer screen.

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What can our service provide your business?

Commercial Audio/Video Services

  • TV Installation Mounting
  • Outfit conference rooms, offices, break rooms and waiting rooms.​

  • Digital Signage
  • Keep employees, vendors, and customers aware of changes, announcements and much more.

  • Facility Audio/Video Installation
  • Increase productivity by promoting collaboration and real time alerts facility and company wide.

  • Conference and Boardrooms
  • Premier AV Connections can help enhance visibility of power point presentations with boardroom audio-visual system. Change slides, dim boardroom lights automatically, drop the recessed screen and power up your projector, all from the touch of a single button. Premier AV Connections provides projector installations, LCD installations, video wall installations and more. We even offer Digital Signage solutions to keep employees and customers informed.

  • Restaurants, Bars, and Offices
  • We have experience in installing televisions, audio and distributed video systems in bars and restaurants. Whether you want every television on the same channel or different ones, we have the setup for you. One audio system for your whole restaurant/bar or office with the ability for different sources in each zone all with independent volume control, so if your restaurant incorporates a bar in one section you can play different music in the bar or even listen to the big game and play subtle background music in your dining areas.

  • Churches
  • We have completed whole church audio and video systems for churches in our area. Keep your congregation informed with events and important information about your community. Contact us for a free consultation and we can put together a system that will fulfill your needs.

  • Monitor Color Calibration
  • Our color calibration tools bring your high definition display/television to their full potential.

  • TV Lifts
  • Raise your monitor from the ground or a cabinet. Lower your tv or projector from the ceiling. Perfect for conference centers and board rooms to aid in presentations.

Project Vendors

Premier AV Connections is proud to be authorized dealers for some of the top-of-the-line audio/video products. Our partners allow us to complete jobs with unmatched high quality work.

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