We offer network solutions for homes with multiple computers and small businesses. In a networking environment structured wiring is key, as we conceal all cabling and neatly organize them for a growing network and network troubleshooting down the road. We can implement, internet sharing, file sharing, printer sharing and remote access to allow you to access your pc from anywhere in the world with no monthly fees. Our servers feature storage for every computer to access or you can also control restrictions that would only allow those with proper credentials to access the resources you assign them to. Having a server will also backup data from every computer on the network in case your computer would have a system failure. You can fully restore a computer to the point at which it was in working order without losing any data. We can implement a server into existing networks or tailor a new network design to work seamlessly with the server. Our servers feature double redundancy on data stored on the server and also offers cloud back-up services so your data is safely stored off-site incase on a disaster. This is something every business should consider as part of their data disaster plan.

Networking and Server Services

  • Data Loss Protection– In case of a computer failure, keep your small business backed up to protect you from any data loss.
  • Worldwide Access- Control your computer and access your files from anywhere in the world without paying fees.
  • Structured Wiring- Neatly hide your wiring throughout your home office, home, or small business into one central location.

Project Vendors

Premier AV Connections is proud to be authorized dealers for some of the top-of-the-line audio/video products. Our partners allow us to complete jobs with unmatched high quality work.

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