keep an eye on your home, from anywhere, anytime

Security systems alone are just not enough to scare away the 21st century criminal. Security systems will only work if properly monitored, however new laws have been passed that require the security monitoring stations to call the homeowner before dispatching the authorities. Installing a surveillance system around your home serves many purposes. Imagine being able to see who is at your front door from your TV, computer, or smartphone. Check in on your house cleaner or nanny to see what really goes while you’re gone. Most crimes are not impulsive. Criminals usually scope out the neighborhood before they break in. Statistics show that if they see a surveillance camera outside a home they will most likely pass it up for an easier target. With high-end digital technology and significantly lowered costs, a surveillance system will let you monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world “with no monthly fee” by using the World Wide Web.

Premier AV Connections uses professional grade cameras and network DVR’s, which are all viewable via the Internet/smartphone. Call us today to request information regarding our new surveillance camera/network DVR packages. All Packages include everything you need including a professional installation, network setup, cabling & (free quote).

What can our services provide for you?

We specialize in custom solutions for your individual needs. We have a large selection of custom security camera products. Whether you need to upgrade your current system or need a brand new system installed we provide you with the best service, products and pricing. Your home is supposed to be the safest place, we make it even safer with state of the art video surveillance systems that you can access at home or remotely from anywhere in the world at any time!

  • Want to see what the kids are doing after school?
  • Do you need to see where you put your keys last?
  • Did your neighbor really take the trash out for you?
  • Check on contractors, cleaners and anyone else that is inside or outside of your home?
  • Want to see how your car got scratched in your own drive way?
  • In the horrible event that a break in occurs at your home, you can take action with your surveillance system!

We also specialize in Hidden and Discreet video security cameras for those areas that you want to keep discreet. We have some of the newest products in the industry and utilize only the highest quality equipment and products.

We do not carry, support or recommend video security cameras that are of low and inferior quality as they fall short in too many situations and environments.

Project Vendors

Premier AV Connections is proud to be authorized dealers for some of the top-of-the-line video surveillance and alarm system products. Our partners allow us to complete jobs with unmatched high quality work.

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