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URC Total Control App

Transform your iPad®, iPod® or iPhone® into your favorite controller! With our Total Control app, you can now turn your own iDevices into a friendly remote control for your home system! This powerful app puts it right in your hands. Monitor, manage and control your entertainment, lights, climate, security and more within your home or building. Aided by dazzling, intuitive navigation screens, you can do things such as setting your DVR to record, selecting your favorite show, controlling music choice and volume around the house and adjusting the house lights to match your mood or to get ready for having friends over for an evening party.

With a customizable graphical interface, we can set up the screens to look the way you want and perform your desired functions in a snap. And, with a one-time setup fee on your system, you are free to add iDevices to your Total Control system as you go and grow! And, like all URC products, we've taken great care with a sophisticated design that's easy on the eyes and easy for everyone to use without any instruction. As well as using your iDevice for control of your system, we can also program traditional legacy remotes to control your system.


Transform your iPad ®, iPod ® or iPhone ® into your favorite AV controller! With this app, you can now turn your iDevices into friendly remote controls. Manage and control your entertainment and optional lighting and shading within your home or building. Even turn on your gas fireplace remotely as well.

Aided by dazzling, intuitive navigation screens, you can do things such as set the DVR to record, select your favorite show, control music choice and volume and adjust the lights to get ready for entertaining. With a customizable graphical interface, your installation professional can set up a large area of the screens to look and perform just the way you want.

We also offer custom programming for traditional Universal Remotes as well.

What can Universal Remote Service do for your home?

  • Television Control– Change your channel or switch to a different input with your Universal Remote Smart Home service.
  • Whole Home Audio- Switch your music to a different room with one remote. This is perfect for entertaining for a backyard barbecue or any occasion.
  • Climate Control- Smart Home Integration allows you to alter each rooms climate control with your smartphone or universal remote. So when you are cuddled up under your blanket, no need to get up to increase your thermostat.
  • Home Security- Control your locks and live DVR feed from your video surveillance equipment from your smartphone. Double check that your front door is locked. even after you leave town.
  • Lighting and Shading- Decide to pop on a movie and want the dim-lit cinema mood? No problem. Control your lights and motorized shading mechanics to perfectly set the lighting mood for any occasion.

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