Whole Home Audio/VIDEO Systems


Whole House Audio

Whether you are entertaining guests or simply relaxing around the house, a multi-room audio system allows you to can listen to music anywhere with independent volume control in each zone and even play different sources in each zone. Your house can play music inside and out, allowing you to choose from a variety of audio sources to be played simultaneously throughout your home. We can install speakers anywhere, outside, in-ceiling- floor standing and even in your shower!

In the early days of multi-room music, homeowners were very happy if every room had a pair of speakers and a volume control—a rotating thing that could do nothing but adjust the volume up and down. In most cases they had to listen to whatever every other room was set to, and there was no way to change the listening material or source. Outdoor entertainment meant putting a speaker in the window!

Today, with multi-zone amplifiers like the URC DMS-1200 you can enjoy music everywhere. Use an advanced remote like the TRC-780, or an iDevice like your iPhone, iPad or iPod to select Pandora, Rhapsody, internet radio and more to stream from your SNP-1 Streaming Network Player to any room or anywhere, indoors and out, and to adjust the volume without the outdated knob-type volume controls. Add a remote like the KP-4000 Network Solutions keypad and you'll enjoy feedback from your receiver displaying radio station information, album cover art, receiver volume and input status—right on the remote's bright, colorful LCD.

Control more than just the volume; we let you control the experience.

Residential Distributed Video

Houses these days typically contain multiple video sources, such as cables boxes, DVRs, Tivo boxes, Blu-players, ect. Maybe each person in your house has their own DVR or cable box so they can watch their own source and record their shows on their box. In these cases a distributed video system is a must. This way, any show, from any box can be viewed from any television at any time in the home.

A distributed video system can allow you to view CCTV systems, such as your front door or whole surveillance system on any television in the house. Distributed video systems are typically organized in a central location with all components held in a hidden rack or hide-away closet. Wire is ran to all necessary viewing locations. Wiring typically consists of Cat5e, RG-6 or RGB wire with Cat5 for control. We will determine the best wiring for your needs as each wire has its own advantages and limits.

What does Whole Home Audio do for you?

  • Home Theatre Sound- When you've rented that new blockbuster and want the same cinema feel, our Whole Home Audio service provides your media room with high quality cinema sound.
  • Distributed Audio and Video- Whole house configuration, entertain in any room.
  • Home Automation- Control your lights, curtains, tv, dvd and just about anything from a single remote.
  • Monitor Color Calibration- Our color calibration tools bring your high definition display/television to their full potential.
  • Universal Remote Programming- Operate your television, cable box, receiver and much more with one touch activity based controls.
  • TV Lifts- Raise your monitor from the ground or a cabinet. Lower your tv or projector from the ceiling.
  • and much more!

Project Vendors

Premier AV Connections is proud to be authorized dealers for some of the top-of-the-line audio/video products. Our partners allow us to complete jobs with unmatched high quality work.

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